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Our team of experts are trained and educated in all procedures related to your inbound requirements.  We have a well organized plan for each client to ensure a smooth and trouble free transition.  Further, our detailed follow up helps guide our clients through any other concerns or questions. 

Area Tour

Wouldn't it be nice to sit in a comfortable vehicle, relaxing, while you are given a tour of the area surrounding your work and home?  How about the opportunity to ask a local representative questions about health care, shopping, entertainment, schools, sports, and other interests?  What if you want a reference guide you could refer to at any time which provides links to activities in different cities and the best grocery stores?  Don't worry - we provide all of that as part of our Area Tour package.  You will spend time in a clean, comfortable vehicle being transported and educated in the local areas of your prefernce while being given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Countryside Road
Accountant at Work

Social Security Card

A dedicated representative will be assigned to you to assist in obtaining a social security number.  Our representative will give you a list of documents required and will set an appointment for you at a local social security office to complete the application process.  

Bank Account

Should you require a US based bank account, our representatives will assist you in opening an account with an established, respected financial institution.  A list or required documents will be given to you and your dedicated representative will accompany you to the appointment to ensure the process is completed with ease.

Driver's License

Wtih very specific requirements from the Secretary of State, the application process for obtaining a driver's license can be challenging.  But, no worries.  Our team of representatives are well versed in every aspect of the application process and all requirements set forth by the State.  You will be given a complete outline of the process, depending upon your Country of origin, along with the necessary documents.  Your dedicated representative will provide you detailed instructions along with a link to make an appointment at a local Secretary of State office along with a link to help you study for the written test (when applicable) and a referral for the driving test (when applicable).  If you are a domestic transferee we will gladly assist you should you desire to obtain a Michigan license.   

Regardess of the services you require or whether you are transferring domestically or internationally, Red Star Equities, LLC will help you in every way.  We are your advocate and support team committed to settling you in to your new environment and to be there afterwards as well.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction!

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